The Belarusian public association of specialists in the field of artificial intelligence is a voluntary public association of citizens who want to jointly satisfy educational, scientific and administrative needs in the field of creating, applying and using models, methods and means of artificial intelligence.

The purpose of the association is to jointly solve the issues of education and scientific training in the field of artificial intelligence, as well as the introduction and use of models, methods and means of artificial intelligence in production.

The main tasks that the association is designed to solve are:

association of members for the joint solution of educational, scientific and management
goals in artificial intelligence and other social issues;

representation and protection of the rights and legitimate interests of members of the association in
state, economic and public bodies and organizations;

promoting the use of models, methods and means of artificial intelligence and
scientific developments in this area in the implementation of applied projects and their
introduction into production;

promotion of education, scientific training, improvement of scientific
the culture and qualifications of the members of the association;

creating the necessary conditions for members to increase their social activity,
professional skills and scientific culture and qualifications.