1. Any structural subdivision of BSUIR can become a member of ESA —AI, 1. To organize the work of ESA —AI, an Organizational
committee, which includes leaders and highly qualified specialists of the ESA —AI members. The personal composition of the Organizing Committee is formed at the general meeting of members of the ESA —AI.

2. The activities of the Organizing Committee are headed by the head
ESA —AI, which is appointed by the order of the rector of BSUIR.

3. The competence of the ESA —AI Organizing Committee includes:
formation of working groups for the implementation of educational
projects, research and development of applied intelligent computer systems;
initiation of amendments to this Regulation.

4. The head of the ESA —AI carries out direct management and
organization of activities of ESA —AI, plans the activities of ESA —AI, organizes interaction between members of ESA —AI, represents the interests of ESA —AI in negotiations.
another HEI or scientific organization, as well as any organization (including foreign), whose activities are related to the development and implementation of intelligent computer systems.

2. Inclusion in the structure of ESA —AI and exit from it is carried out by
decision of the Organizing Committee of ESA —AI on the basis of the relevant statements. For external organizations, the decision to be included in the ESA —AI is carried out taking into account the agreements on cooperation between these organizations and BSUIR.